Emotions and Infant : Role of a Parent

June 22, 2017

Emotions and Infant : Role of a Parent

- Narmadha Kamalakannan


Emotions - Living beings are acknowledged not just because they breathe but also because of various emotions they express. We human beings are the upgraded creatures. What would be a child’s emotion ? When does a child start expressing the emotions ?
It is wonderful to think , keep looking at those tiny faces and captures their cute expressions. They learn many emotions right from birth. Once daddy talks through the tummy, the baby kicks expressing the joy of hearing father’s voice. It is also said that, when a pregnant mother is sad, the baby in the womb also feels upset. Babies not just express their emotions but also gets influenced by their closed one’s emotions right from the womb.

Now, infants - the growth of height and weight alone doesn’t determine the growth of the baby. Their emotional growth also matters. Paediatricians will always keep checking on the milestone, the baby's ability to communicate, ability to express. It is important to observe, acknowledge and guide their emotions on the right way.  Here are some tips on these three activities a parent must consciously perform to bring the best of an infant’s emotions


1. Observe :  There is only one person who can also decrypt the child’s language. When an infant tries to communicate, uncle, aunty, granny, daddy will be wondering what she / he is saying. The mommy will decrypt and explain you ,”oh , that means, she wants to be lifted”, “oh, when she does that, it means she is thirsty” etc.. This is because a mother is someone who observes every tiny expression of the baby. As the baby understands a lot of outside world, she tries to communicate to the world. As a parent, please focus and observe the cute language. In this digital world, most of us are busy with our phones that we miss few of the cute expressions.



2. Acknowledge : As you see the infant coo cooing, singing, blinking their eyes - we have to acknowledge,reciprocate. This also encourages them and excites them to actively participate in the world around them. They feel the joy of being listened. They get more confidence to happily grow up.So, make sure you sit with them and acknowledge and enjoy every words they try, every scribble they draw, every pose they give.

3. Guide : Sometimes, they also need little guidance. What do you when a baby expresses anger ? Do you reciprocate anger back ? Do you accept the anger and laugh at it ? Or gently yet strictly say that anger is not a good emotion ? Guide them. As we know, children pick up everything from the family, by watching us. So, make sure you pay more attention on your emotions that is directly or indirectly guiding the little one’s emotions.

Let us beautifully embrace the positive growth of our children’s emotions and stay happy in this beautiful world !


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