Anger Management in children

June 15, 2017

EMOTIONS AND INFANTS : Anger Management in Children

- Mrs Soundarya Arvind


Generally Infants tend to develop Emotional Quotient (EQ) from day 1 after they are born, to be truthful the EQ develops from womb. The EQ of the mother and her environmental rapport play a major role in the EQ foundation of the baby in her womb as per research and studies. 



As a mother of 7 years old, I can summarize the analogy of emotions of infants. The Emotional Quotient which also leads to the germination of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in infants. I mean to say the basic human psychological development "Better and positive emotions can also bloom better intelligence and intellectual stability". 

From the age of 1 month to 1 year, a baby can develop so much of mixed emotions as well as facets like friendliness, fear, frustration, anxiety, anger, agony, happiness, helping tendency, nurture, torture, denial, co-operation, disapproval, etc. 

But the first and foremost emotional exhibit of a kid must be smiling, which means he or she wants to be friendly with everyone around. So it's our duty to cuddle up our baby to inhale and exhale this positive quality always in his/ her life. By the way it's the first pillar stone to develop other basic human attributes. 




On the other hand a human should have anger, fear, anxiety and frustration somehow for some reason at any point in his life. That's quite natural. So it's in our hands to promote their positive emotions and to deteriorate their negative vehemence. We should teach / guide as well as practise ourselves to make them a healthy and heavenly living being. 




  • To control their anger rather than provoking it.

  • To diminish their anxiety by teaching the difference between want and need, 

  • To clear their fear by reverting it on to the Almighty and Nature

  • To shun away their frustration by inculcating self control and seeding self confidence within oneself. 





If we categorize anger in kids, it has five main reasons for the upshot of rage. I believe anger can be the expression of various feelings.  Main reason would be Dissatisfaction and Denial


Whatever may be the case, we should have a daily based agenda to spend time with our kids. They don’t feel insecure if we do so, by the way we don’t feel guilty too. We should also make our kids understand that the specific time is meant for our get together time, so that they do neither disturb us nor feel denied.

As we are into the Electronic Era we are into gadgets inevitably. So it is our foremost responsibility to teach our kids right from childhood on both pros and cons about the Internet as an Educator and also a Corruptor. They should be aware of Cyber Crimes and also learn Cyber Safety.




On my view, if anger is being controlled, automatically kids can create stability in emotions. They can also differentiate what is good and bad, thereby they are positively liable to situations in future. Anxiety can also be declined as they can distinguish want and need. Fear and Frustration don’t crop up if they feel very secure and their emotions are valued.

When they learn humbleness and politeness at their early stages, they will be friendlier and also lead a satisfactory life. When they start travelling beyond need alone, they will never complain about anything in life. We should train them to act perfect in anguish situations rather than to react imperfect. We, the parents are their acquaintances, moral advisors, philosophers, steer supporters, role models throughout their life journey, so it is our duty to practise whatever we preach them.



- NOVAK Join the New Change

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