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May 17, 2017

Health is a habit : Early Years and Eating Habits

Dr Bushra Nausheen 



Eating well balanced nutritional diet leads to healthy life. The eating habits in early years gives healthy nutritional approach towards life and physical activity.

As some of us pampered a lot our kids and ignore fulfill their demand to eat what they want as we can’t see them crying. This lay the foundation of unhealthy eating practices which indirectly lead to child obesity or overweight.

Therefore it becomes responsibility of us as parents to encourage healthy eating habits from early years. It’s observed that eating habits that acquired during childhood continue with them to adulthood.

Sharing few tips on How to develop Healthy eating habits in Early years :

  1. Babies whose stomach are full usually turn away from bottles. So don’t force them to feed them more instead quit there only.

  2. Allow kids to realise their taste buds activation and feed them when they feel hungry.

  3. Don’t force the kids to clean the whole plate. Ask them to take in small portions, and they can take more after finishing off. If they are done, don’t force them to clean the plate.

  4. Though you must be busy with your work, but don’t ignore eating habits of your kids. Ask them to prefer veggies and fruits and avoid the junk or fast food.

  5. Feed your child with home-cooked healthy fresh diet and don’t put your child on fast food trend, avoid junk food as much as possible.

  6. Ask your child to sit properly and don’t eat in hurry. Tell them that how chewing food is good for their health. Give examples of their superheroes and motivate them.

  7. Avoid food high in fat and low in carbohydrates as this can boost up the hunger level leading to overeating. Soft drinks are also rich in calories and increase the glucose intake. Read the packet carefully and dose for a kid. Teach your child that in a day how much they can drink or eat as per their body weight. Reduce intake of Processed food, soft drinks, sweets like candies, pastries, chocolates.




  8. Instead promote healthy eating and offer them homemade healthy drinks like banana smoothies, strawberry shakes, chocolate oats etc.

  9. Don’t over-restrict your kid if they are following healthy diet. Give them a treat at regular intervals like two times a month, that won’t do them any harm.

  10. Don’t reward them for bad food in return for any work like studies etc. this may mislead them. Instead find new solutions for this.

  11. Encourage your children’s to drink adequate amount of water. This will keeps them hydrated. Talk about food and its types and health benefits. This will motivate them a lot. You can play games with them.

  12. Encourage them to be active by asking them to do their work by own. And allow them for outdoor games. Don’t allow them to watch tv, games while eating. Tell them that they can do it after finishing lunch.

  13. Teach them to be emotionally strong. And look after their lifestyle. As depression can lead to overweight and obesity.

These are the some measures through which we can promote healthy eating habits in early years. It's see that Children who are healthy are active, confidence, socially active.


Authors bio :   Hi I am  Dr Bushra Nausheen, Gynaecologist by Profession & Blogger by Passion. I blog at All About The Woman blog, featuring my passion revolving around health, food, life, Parenting and travel.



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