Stand up for what is right

April 23, 2017


Working mothers, its always a battle between being a good mother and a performing employee! with no time left for our self, 
we work so hard but for what? Usual answers I get are: to put our education to use, to have financial independence, to b

e able to give a good living for our children, and the list goes on...


Full time mothers, we let our priorities take a back seat so that our children are given the care and nurture to become responsible adults, I am sure all will agree to this.


One way or other, when we are keen on giving all material things our children ask for, are you sure we show similar interest to keep their brains fed right during their early years or do we wait until after joining a full time school? Is every preschool able to give that is a question of its own!

Early years are crucial, several scientific studies prove over and again that children's brain development happens the most during their early childhood years, age 0 - 5. Yet, do we give it the due importance?

When we look for nannies and day care providers, are we asking the right questions? For the amount of money we spend on such services, is it a worthy return that we get? Do you ever ask about the qualification of your child's care provider? 

Most of the child care providers we use, take care of the children by feeding them, making them sleep and watch them play. 
Are they equipped enough to teach the children the right habits, to answer their never ending curious questions, build their social skills??? 

We learn from the rest of the world on so many good things, why not in the early childhood education system ? Did you know that in western countries, every home based day care provider should be certified and licensed ? A at home nanny should be qualified to handle the young children? Every teacher handling the early childhood have to be certified on courses about child development? All of these are to aid in the young child's brain development, to give the child an enabling environment.


I realize that there are more questions here than answer. But how long are we to accept what is given, its time we start understanding and demanding for what is right.


Stand up to what is right, ask the right questions, get what its worth.


- NOVAK Join the New Change

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