Importance of Stages of Child Development from birth to five year

 The experiences children have in these years help shape the adults they will become. Our relationship with children shape the way the children learn and develop. Development describes the changes in the children’s physical growth as well as ability to learn the social and emotional behavior, thinking and communication skills the children need for life. All of these are linked and each depends on and influences the others. In the first years the brain development is faster than that at any other stage. The things they see, hear, touch, smell and taste stimulate their brain creating innumerable connections. This is when the foundations for learning, health and behavior throughout their life are laid down. Therefore the children require stimulating environment with different activities that give them plenty of ways to play and learn.  This is where the preschool teachers play an important role.


Hence, the childcare providers must be well equipped to meet these challenges so that they are able to shape the children in proper and fruitful ways.


Parents are the first care providers to a child. Parenting is the most important and rewarding job. Good parents shower love as often as possible to bring up the children in the best ways. They try to see things from their children’s perspective.


To be a passionate parent, we must exercise and strengthen the patience muscle. If the child wants us to play with them, we must become a child and play with them. Even if a situation demands that we get angry by their action, we strive to be patient enough to correct the child. Do not lose patience.


Tolerance is the key that opens the door to mutual understanding and love. The tolerance level that parents possess naturally teaches the kids the same message. Children closely watch and imitate the actions of us, even before they are able to speak. Kids will reflect the values and attitude of those they love and those in their surroundings. Tolerance is important for children to make friends, mix in with the crowd and play with the others.


Hence, it will be important for parents to acquire passion, love, humility, kindness and tolerance to shape the life of their children in terms of personality, life skills, and quality of education, leadership, good communication skills, and artistic talents and to diminish their ignorance.          


Dr. Sulochana Nagarajan,

Professor, Head of Department & Coordinator(Retd.)

National Institute of Technology, Trichy 

Involved actively in child development and women empowerment, NITT





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