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March 22, 2017




Although a working mother, my first priority is my kids. Unless i am assured that they are in good hands at school or at home with a care provider I cannot do justice to my work at office. I am sure most of the working mothers will agree. When in US and my kid was just 7 months, after doing enough homework, i had used a certified day care provider with whom my kid and i felt comfortable. This let me work in peace at office. 

After moving to India when he was 2, I did not feel comfortable leaving him with one here. Agencies could give me nannies but none really qualified to nurture the growing mind and ever curious little george i had. End result, I took a break from work and started only when he started longer hours at school.


I felt the need here for mothers to have access to safe and secure childcare providers to help them work without being worried about their baby. Discussing the same with my friend who raised her kids in India and UK, the idea of passionate, aware and certified care providers, paved way to Novak, to bring international certifications to India for Indian parents.


Every kid is unique. Research shows that to understand and nurture the kids during their early years is critical. 


It makes a lot of difference to have trained and certified care givers take care of your kids at that age.


Ask your pre-school or nanny to be certified. 

Educate yourself to give the same environment for your child at home as school/day care.


When you are 50+ no one asks you your bank balance but what your kid is upto.



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