Mompreneur, yes its a word! and you can be one!

March 22, 2017




Mompreneur - by definition is a neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.


Until a few days before, I did not even hear or know that such a word exist. But today I could feel it, see the power behind that word and feel proud that i am one of them.


I personally believe in women power. Women are differently wired, different and in some senses even better than men. Studies prove that women are capable of multi-processing, remembering more things and are born with the ability to mold her children to become compassionate global citizens. Men too play a major role in most homes these days and has to be given due recognition, but still the percentage is slightly less :). 


With this power is how working women handle their home, children and work with a fine balance. On the other hand, so many learned women who are passionate about what they do, leave their full time work for various reasons (I am sure most us know) when their children are in their early childhood. I respect their decisions as I too have been in that position.


As they say, a busy mind is a happy mind as long it stays busy.


This is so true, we as mothers feel a void  when the children grow older and are less dependent on us for their day-to-day needs. This is a trigger for many to persuade their passion and do it well by finely balancing their time between their children and their passion.


Passion could be artistic, technical, linguistic, and so on... one common thing I heard my friends say is to start a child care facility, at home or as an institution as they have done it for their own kids and feel confident about their work.


If you are passionate about childcare, with or without a formal qualification, understand the need and would like to start work at your own time and space, above all make a difference and impact lives in the right way, we at Novak will help you climb that ladder one step at a time.


Join our revolution to create more mompreneurs with proper certifications, training and framework to run their own child care setup.


Novak is an authorized center in India to provide Internationally recognized early years education and care and preparation for home based childcare certifications by CACHE, a UK council for Education.




- NOVAK Join the New Change

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