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Own and operate the innovative franchise!

Don't just dream, Dream Big.


We are a relatively young franchise opportunity with a fresh new look at the education sector. We offer far more than any other education business out there in franchising or otherwise. We will help you to deliver a mix of training, courses, workshops, and clubs covering all subjects and providing an unrivaled service for your local community.


With Novak, you benefit from year-round demand and multiple income streams that deliver significant earning potential combined with an enviable work-life balance. offers skill-building programs that can cater to individuals from any sector.

Novak also offers international standard Kids education programs that can be part of the school curriculum, After school clubs, private coaching, etc.

Novak Franchise Earning Potential

As a Novak franchisee, you will have the opportunity to earn in excess of Rs.100,000 per year from the first year onwards. Initially, we suggest a take-home pay of Rs.20000 per month to keep costs down and manage cashflow. 

How do we compare?

Novak is the only franchise or business offering specialist training for internationally popular topics that are current and first in trend. Our offering is completely unique as is our earning potential. We take a one-time Franchise fee, Qualification fee for every course and a Management Service Fee (MSF) from you of a flat 10%, leaving you to take the lion’s share of the income.  We are passionate about ethically leading you to a better future.

Our core business has been based on popular in-demand courses and we have established a successful and replicable working model. We supply a full disclosure document and give you access to all our information and systems. 

Partner with us

Why partner with us

Explore all the great reasons to become a Novak Franchisee!

In-Demand Skills

Novak is determined to work on niche kids and youth training that are required to be successful in the new century. We aim to enable holistic development of kids and youth through training that can cater to their entire life. The training choices are done in such a way that kids learn important life skills that are never taught in school. We pick and tailor courses that are popular in the UK currently to be delivered in India. We keep adding new courses to the portfolio.

International Standards

Novak’s lessons plans and training material are written by experts in the UK endorsed by subject matter experts of the field. They follow UK standards and formats that suit most countries. We offer full-fledged courses with proven explanations from world-renowned theories along with additional strategies for implementation.


Flexible Course Packaging

Novak’s training courses can be combined to deliver in multiple different ways. The courses can be taught independently or bundled together as after school programs, summer programs, Holiday clubs etc. The smaller courses can be bundled up to make one bigger course that lasts the entire school year.


Flexible course delivery

Novak courses can be delivered through virtual classroom sessions or In-person classroom sessions. This makes it a viable course for learners to join from home.  In person course delivery makes it a good option to deliver it within your own training centre or in schools/colleges.

A key differentiator between Novak and competitors. Customers are able to choose from several different training methods, such as Traditional Instructor-led Classroom learning, On-Site Training, Online virtual learning, and Online anytime e-learning.


Minimum investment plan

You can start with minimal initial investment and pay per course to expand your portfolio. Opportunity to add on and grow your portfolio per your ability and training and support from us.


Business Support

Get the business support of a company who has pledged to deliver the best for training and customer satisfaction. Benefit from our dedicated and passionate team for training and support, thereby helping our partners succeed.


Novak Standards Auditing

A brand new quality control process introduced in Novak ensures that standard of the course is not compromised. Centres are able to submit final project for audit and certification through Novak’s online learning system.

Partnership Advantages

Explore all the great reasons to become a Novak Franchisee!
Anywhere in the World, Single and multi-unit opportunities 
Minimum & Affordable 
Short & quick

Online Live
Full Pack Training
Integrated Learning Approach
Novak Standards Auditing
Expert Endorsed Courses
In Demand Skills
Proven Support
Utilize Technology to Train

“If you want different results:

You have to do things differently”

John Di Lemme

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