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 Novak Professional Solutions LLP has been shortlisted as one of the Top20 Companies in DivHERsity (Startups).


The Top20 shortlisted companies were awareded a certificate at AccelHERate 2019 and DivHERsity Awards gala on 1st March, 2019 at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore.  

Thank you team of JobsForHer & Jury of DivHERsity Awards it is encouraging for Novak to have qualified where there was over 300 applications spread across company sizes, industries and cities.

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Article By: Madhu Sathiaseelan, Co Founder Novak

May 2018 has seen the most needed change in recent times:  NCERT issues Guideline for Quality Early Years Education and  Preschool Curriculum to be adopted by nurseries and preschools across India. Very well thought through and comprehensive curriculum that gives a big sense of relief  for Early childhood enthusiasts.

NOVAK applauds the new NCERT Guidelines and Curriculum for Early years

Nurseries and pre-schools across India may soon be tasked with demonstrating their compliance, with the curriculum and guidelines given by NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi, India).

The key commitments the NCERT aims for the new EYE (Early Years Education) guidelines and curriculum to achieve include: standardisation and unification of EYE across the country to achieve quality EYE, providing every child with developmentally appropriate early learning opportunities and ensure children are prepared for schooling with an all round development.

The EYE guidelines have also emphasised on partnerships between Nursery teachers and parents, Teacher qualification at various hierarchies, Essential and Desirable guidelines for physical infrastructure, Age and Duration of the EYE curriculum among many other important elements. There is also an indication of regulatory mechanisms that will soon come into picture to ensure some degree of standardisation of quality in EYE programme which is a very welcome statement.

The NCERT has taken care that Guidelines for preschool and Curriculum has embraced best practices from countries that have implemented similar strategies to standardise and improve EYE. For example there is strong correlation between the principles and approach with the famous EYFS (Early years foundation stages) framework from the UK. EYFS in UK has been existing from around 2008 adding value to their early education system and lauded as one of the most efficient frameworks that looks at all round development of the children, which is mandatory across all early years setting across the UK. 

What does it mean for ...


Should be well trained to effectively execute the programme and maintain continuous development through refresher courses and workshops.

Spend more time interacting with children to promote creative and critical thinking skills and early language and communication. Focus on child led activities and promote medium of instruction in their mother tongue.

Educate and encourage parents to work together as partners to help children learn and grow. 


Should have the capacity to do Observations and planning based on individual needs of children. Make planning process as a regular activity which leads to attaining the Early Learning Outcome for PS1 and PS2.


Much thought has been given to making sure that your child is as safe as possible. There is a set of safety and welfare standards that everyone must follow, including police verification requirements.


Child focus is given priority by having teacher-child ratio or 1:25 with helper. Additional Special Educational needs coordinator recommended.


Holistic child development is given its due importance and parents can now be assured that child will get developmentally appropriate activities.


Curriculum enables child to feel happy, they learn how to learn and be proud of their individuality. It involves parents work in partnership with teachers for child development

Nursery owners

Provide adequate infrastructure including indoor and outdoor space which are also appropriate in terms of safety, sanitation, light and ventilation and have core trained staff according to NCERT guideline.

Should develop linkages with Govt/Private/Primary/Secondary schools for seamless transition.


Follow admission process that does not involve and evaluation/interviews within the permissible age limit (3 years of age by 31 March).

Ensure the maintenance of systematic records and registers to support for continuous monitoring of EYE classroom policies and procedures by School inspectors, Zonal or Mandal level education officers.

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