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Benefits of registering

As a 'registered' Novak Recruitment Candidate, you have access to the following range of unique benefits and support services:

  • In-depth Registration - we take a genuine interest in your career aspirations and understand your needs to best match your skill-sets with the openings

  • Career Guidance - our industry knowledge can help you to fine-tune your skill-sets and achieve your long-term career aims

  • Job Alerts - we will alert you e-mail whenever we take on Nursery roles that match your requirements

  • Resume Presentation - help you fine tune your resume, if required

  • Client Profiling - our detailed understanding of our clients, means we can find you the right position as well as a school that will offer you the best culture

Preparing for Interview


You will always be asked what you know about the nursery and the company that you are attending the interview with. It is therefore crucial that you have looked at their website and are aware of the setting’s background e.g. Are they part of a chain? How long have they been open for? How many staff do they employ? How many children do they look after at the setting? These are just a few suggestions, it is important to find out as much as possible and if time permits obtain a brochure for the nursery prior to the interview.


Do you have any formal qualifications or certificates in nursery/pre-school teacher training. Have you done any additional certificates or training in early childhood education or teaching. You may want to check our Novak Learning, if you have to qualify or additionally qualify.

Look the part

It is essential that you look smart, tidy and well presented. Working in a nursery setting means you are often seen by parents and it is essential that you put are well presented. Often, as part of a second interview (sometimes the first) you may be asked to take part in a trial with the children. You would be advised of this prior to the interview. If so, it is important that you dress in comfortable clothing and flat footwear so that you can plan and interact easily with the children.

Arrive Early

It is very important to give a great first impression. Never be late for an interview and aim to arrive 10 minutes early. If you haven't been to the Nursery setting before, it is a good idea to test out the trip before the actual interview and check out the best route. If travelling by public transport allow plenty of time, don’t rely on the bus or train that gets in just in time as it may be late or cancelled.

Positive Attitude and Approach

Speak clearly and smile. Remember that your interviewer may be nervous to! Never speak negatively about previous employers, children or agencies. This is absolutely essential as employers will always regard criticism and negativity as a flaw with the interviewee.You will need to take your CV and other documents with you to the interview. Make sure they are presented smartly in an appropriate document holder.

Be Polite and Honest

However tempting it may be to exaggerate your experience and achievements... DON'T! Experienced interviewers will spot these things and not invest their trust in you. Most employers are looking for passionate people with an open mindset. Some employers will test your patience and ability to deal with situations. Always be polite irrespective of the questioning and thank the employer for their time at the end of the interview.

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