Dec 26, 2017

What’s the Wix Forum?


Wix Forum is the perfect tool to connect with your site visitors, build a community & drive more traffic to your site! Have something to say? Click Create New Post to start your own discussion.

What else can you do with your forum? Give it a catchy name, create unlimited categories and choose from beautiful layouts like Card or Classic.

If your forum has lots of images, then a Card layout is the one for you! A Classic layout is perfect for long text discussions.

Plus, both layouts look great on desktop and mobile. After you’ve picked your layout, customize it with stunning design features to make your forum look just right.

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  • apurvaram111
    Mar 26

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  • Admin
    Dec 26, 2017

    Take a minute to search out relevant keywords and add them to your posts. It’ll help get you found on search engines and drive more traffic to your site. Having an active forum is great for SEO! The more your contributors make comments and write posts, the more it will boost your visibility on search engines. So it’s always a good idea to search out keywords that are super relevant to the topics you post about.
  • Admin
    Dec 26, 2017

    Share your forum on social media so more people can find you. It’s a fast and easy way to get you more traffic. Did you know that your forum visitors can share your posts in just a click? It’s easy to share a post on Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Every share you get means more people can see great posts from your forum and you’re reaching a larger audience.
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