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At Novak, we offer programs to nurture and develop a positive growth mindset in young minds by opening them up to better strategies.
Developing the right mindset early on is crucial for a full, big life. When kids learn putting forth effort and using the right strategies can make them smarter, they try harder and achieve more.

Novak offers growth mindset programs to young children to help them make believe about our own abilities and potential. These beliefs are part of their mindset which is so powerful it can fuel their behavior and predict our success. Mindset shapes young children's everyday lives, helping them interpret their experiences and future possibilities. 

Training Details

Growth Mindset (Kids Age 5-10yrs)

Theme 1 : Introduce It


  1. Introducing growth mindset mean

  2. Explaining growth vs fixed mindset

  3. What do you know about Brain and its growth?

  4. Celebrating mistakes and understanding neuroplasticity

Theme 2 : Notice It

  1. Language Used in Fixed and Growth Mindset

  2. Using Growth mindset phrases visually

  3. Applying Growth mindset phases

  4. Book review on Growth mindset

Theme 3 : Model It


  1. Being Open

  2. Mindset and feelings

  3. Learning something new

  4. Understanding YET

Theme 4 : Practice It

  1. Praise for perseverance

  2. Practicing activities

  3. Activity to understand struggle

  4. Challenge to Opportunity

Explore all the great reasons to Register
Novak Training Advantages:
4 week programs
Reflective practices
Tons of suggestive reading
What you will learn:
Learning to think positive
Approach problems with can do attitude
Application knowledge
AV / Activity / Book review / Book Reading


    Key Facts: The Key Facts document details all of the important information you need to know about Growth Mindset.


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