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Making you Dream Big!

Novak is an education institute working towards the vision of creating global citizens who can identify, learn, and thrive in new emerging professions.

We are focussing on developing well-rounded children who can thrive as future winners.

Carefully chosen Kids programs and monthly home learning kits enable this. We research about popular courses outside of India and bring it to our well-deserved children.

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What we do

Novak offers programs to nurture and develop a positive growth mindset in young minds by opening them up to better strategies.

Novak offers a wide range of internationally certified and research-based courses to help upscale.

Novak youth training is about upgrading student community into dreaming big and achieving bigger.

What's on

Grow with Nature monthly kits

Introducing Grow with Nature monthly kits for children aged 5-10-year-olds.

These are activity kits for independent home learning for children to connect to nature and appreciate them. They will learn gardening, grow their own plants, make their own nature crafts, and improve their understanding of trees, plants, and insects around them.

What you will get:
Monthly activities
Nature News
Grow your plant's kits
Do your own nature props

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Employability by Novak

Course for graduates and students to bridge the gap between education and employability. This is a course with skills that are actively sought for by employers. Enabling young adults to think of their career goals and giving them a platform to achieve it from the start. This course covers preparation techniques, tools, and templates needed for a job hunt and sustaining in a new job.

What you will learn:
Top Employability skills of 2020  
Job Readiness skills
Best practices using tools 
Skill-building techniques

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Why choose us

Global presence

We have global partners for creating and delivering the courses

Star trainers 

Our trainers are well-qualified motivators and experts.

expert endorsed

Our programs are endorsed by subject matter experts in the field and audited for standards

Novak is an education institute working towards the vision of creating global citizens who can identify, learn and thrive in new emerging professions. Novak has independently grown and established itself in the early years education sector since its inception in 2017. 
A Novak franchise is about owning and operating a professional training business delivering the best crafted training with youth in mind.

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